Our Success story
We have aided cost saving through our expertise.

  • Branch Head's misappropriation of a few lakhs of cash was found and loss to the company averted;
  • An inventory error due to consumption of materials for production which was in excess of the prescribed Bill of Materials was brought to the notice of management. Immediate corrective measures were taken and material waste was prevented;
  • The product costing was found to be wrong in one of our audits. This was highlighted to the management and corrections were done immediately;
  • In one of internal audits we found that the conveyance claims by employees was indiscriminate. There was no proper policy in place to control this disbursement. A system was put in place and the irregularity was arrested;
  • The improper way of recording and disposal of scrap was rectified and proper documentation introduced
  • A complete process of purchases, despatches, sales, QA, agreements with outside parties, HR processes, Attendance control, were set in motion and Debtors collections improvement, Sourcing of import suppliers, error rectification in sales tax and many other streamlining exercises were done for a small size IT company.

Thus, our client centric approach has earned laurels from our customers and helped achieve our objectives.